Computer Lab

  • The Computer Lab is fully equipped to provide child-friendly activities through interesting and informative software. 
  • Each child has his/her workstation to practice.

            Smart Class/ Audio- Visual Room

  •   To enhance the performance of students we have Extramarks Smart Class Modules based on our syllabus.
  • The Smart Class empowers teachers with technology right inside the classroom and turns them into interactive and vibrant learning sessions.
  • The children connect with animation, live images, and graphics in a lively environment

          Art Room

  • A well lit airy room with low tables for children to draw and colour comfortably.

          Science Lab

  • A modern & well – equipped Science lab where children enjoy doing hands-on activities and learn through experiments.


  • Spacious, airy, well-ventilated & well-lit classrooms. All rooms are equipped with Smart Boards supported by the latest technology. This makes teaching effective & learner friendly.
  • Each classroom has plenty of soft boards where children can display their own creativity.

           Staff Room

  • Well ventilated & airy staff room on each floor is provided to the teachers.
  • A Resource Center for Teachers has also been set up to help teachers update their skills.


  • The school has a well-equipped library with a vast collection of books and educational CD’s/DVD’s.
  • Teachers and students utilize the library for reference work connected with projects and for leisure reading.
  • The students also subscribe to Primary Plus, a newspaper to enhance their reading skills. The activities in the newspaper are a part of the curriculum.


  • The school is guarded round the clock by the security guards.
  • ID cards are provided to the parents and visitors pass to the visitors without which entry is prohibited.
  • For the safety of the children, the entire school is equipped with CCTV cameras.


  •  The school has a big auditorium with modern types of equipment and musical instruments.
  •  A wide range of activities like yoga, meditation, dance, music, physical training, annual functions etc. are organized here.

          Water Coolers

  • The school has water coolers fitted with aquaguard purifiers to provide filtered water to the children.


  • The school has a generator to provide 100% power backup.