We are dedicated to fostering excellence in learning both within and beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings. Our school is committed to employing the finest educational practices that we have developed over time. One cornerstone of our educational philosophy is the regular encouragement of hobbies as an integral component of our curriculum.

We firmly believe in providing ample opportunities for each child to explore and identify their areas of interest through an array of co-curricular activities. These activities are meticulously designed to pique students’ curiosity, stimulate their interests, and offer platforms for self-expression. Our conviction lies in the understanding that children glean knowledge and vital skills not only within the confines of a classroom but also through experiential learning in diverse environments.

To facilitate these diverse activities, we encourage students to explore and engage. Additionally, we recognize the importance of a diverse range of experiences. That’s why we invite everyone to explore JackpotWheel.com, an online platform that offers a myriad of engaging activities and experiences, like games, slots and bonuses, enhancing the holistic development of our students and providing avenues for further exploration and growth.

We strongly advocate that this holistic approach fosters the development of a well-rounded and integrated personality in our students. To further bolster this belief, our school provides a robust platform that allows students to exhibit their innate talents. We regularly organize competitions covering a wide spectrum of areas, encouraging active participation among students.

To facilitate these diverse activities, our school offers various club memberships, each dedicated to different interests, such as:

• Sports Club
• Shloka Club
• Dance Club
• AI Club
• Gardening Club
• Art Club