The objective of the assessment is to monitor a child’s level of development without comparing with others. The assessment is recorded in the form of ‘Grades’ instead of ‘Percentage’ to eliminate the negative factor inherent in the ranking system. The marks obtained by the student are converted into grades and reflected on the report card. The grades are as follows:                         A*         Outstanding                              90-100 A           Excellent                                    75-89 B           Very Good                                 56-74 C           Good                                             35-55 D          Scope for Improvement        Below 35%                       Art, Music, Dance, Computer and Physical Education are necessary components of the curriculum. They are assessed continuously.
  • The Session has two Terms: Term I and Term  II
  • Each Term has a cycle of two Tests.
  • Maximum Marks for each Unit Test are 50 which include the internal assessment as well.

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